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What is a Jumper Derby?

A Jumper Derby is a good test of your horse's willingness to jump a mix of stadium type jumps (which will fall if you hit them) and cross country obstacles (which are solid and immoveable) over varied terrain.

A course is set with a mix of both types of jumps and your ride is timed. You get penalties (4 pts) for knocking down a stadium jump rail and penalties (20 pts) for having a refusal or run-out at a cross country obstacle.

The Divisions you can enter are based on the maximum height of the obstacles to be jumped and are listed below. Divisions (except Intro) are further broken down into Horse, Rider, and Open classes based on the following definitions.

  • Horse = the horse has not competed, or is new to competing, at this level
  • Rider = the rider has not competed, or is new to competing, at this level
  • Open = Horse and/or rider have competed at a higher level or want to school in a particular division.

FYI: The day of the Derby, the jumping order is: Intro, BNA (Beginner Novice A), BNB (Beginner Novice B), N (Novice), and T (Training). Within each division, the order is: Horse, Rider, Open.

Courses for each division are open for walking ONLY BEFORE the division starts. So if you are entered in BNA-rider, for example, you need to be there to walk the course before the BN-Open division rides.

Approximate times for the start of each division will be posted on the website once all the entries are in.

Please Note: Rules for the Derbies follow USEA rules. The major difference between these rules and hunter/jumper rules is that standing martingales are NOT allowed.

What are Spirit Awards?

There will be a prize for the individual showing the best spirit for the derby theme. For the Firecracker Derby, the Award will be for the best Patriotic Spirit and for the Pumpkin Derby, the Award will be for the best Harvest/Halloween Spirit.

There will be one spirit award given for each division: Intro, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training.

Riders opting to participate should let the secretary know on the morning of the competition so that the judging panel knows who they are to judge.

Think safety first, and have fun creating your themed costumes!

Here are a few safety rules:

  • Decorations must be safe for horse and rider and must be securely attached.
  • Must not be such that they would spook another horse (No flags on poles attached to tails, etc.)
  • Costumes must not block the vision of either horse or rider.
  • Rider must be able to safely jump the horse in the decorations/costume.
  • Riders must still wear approved helmets and vests.
GVRDC sponsors two Jumper Derbies each year.

Firecracker Derby:
Sunday, July 1

Pumpkin Derby:
Sunday, October 7

Contact Lindsay to volunteer for set-up, help during show, and/or tear-down

Types of Jumps

Brush Box
In and Out Combinations
Liverpool (only for T)
Cross Country
Banks Up and/or Down
Coops and Sheds
Roll Tops and Palisades
In and Out Combinations
Water (not for Intro or BNA divisions)

Jump Height for Divisions

Max Height
2 foot
2 foot 6 inches
2 foot 9 inches
2 foot 11 inches
3 foot 3 inches
Intro (I)
Beginner Novice A (BNA)
Beginner Novice B (BNB)
Novice (N)
Training (T)

GVRDC Firecracker and Pumpkin Jumper Derbies