GVRDC is offering a Schooling Combined Test Show so you can get out and practice those dressage tests and stadium jumping skills before the local eventing season starts.

Here is the listing of Volunteers and Duties for the day of the Combined Test.

What is a Combined Test?

A Combined Test consists of any two of the three "tests" (dressage, cross country jumping, and show or stadium jumping) that make up a horse trials.
Usually, the two events are dressage and stadium because the most costly part of a horse trials is the cross country course.
Hence, your Combined Test score is the sum of the penalties from your dressage test and your stadium jumping round.

Here are the levels offered with the dressage tests and jumping heights.

* Intro - 2018 USEA Beginner Nov Dressage Test A (jumps at 2' max)
* Beginner Novice - 2018 USEA Beg Nov Dressage Test A (jumps at 2'6" max)
* Novice- 2018 USEA Novice Dressage Test A (jumps at (3' max)
* Training- 2018 USEA Training Dressage Test A (jumps at (3'3" max)

Dressage will be ridden in the indoor arena and the stadium jumping will be across the road and up the hill to the outdoor ring.

Dressage Tests:
The dressage tests can be downloaded from the USEA website.

More Information

Date: Sunday, May 13, 2017 (date to be confirmed)
Location: Lehman Farms, 161 S. Wilmarth Rd, Pittsford, NY
Organizer: Karen Berger
Show Secretary: Amy Hewson

Intro, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training
Note: GVRDC members have priority for entries.

Order of Go

Intro first, then Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training.

This order gives competitors the opportunity to jump schooling rounds at the end of each division for an additional $15.

So if you had a sticky go at your level, you may want to go again at that level.

If you want to school at a higher level than you competed, have at it. The only thing you can't do is school a round before your competition round.

Start times will be posted after 9 pm on Wednesday May 9.

Volunteers are always needed! Please help out.


From Clover St (Rt. 65) turn East onto Canfield Rd or from Mendon Center Rd turn West onto Canfield Rd. From Canfield Rd within Mendon Ponds Park, turn North onto Wilmarth Rd (almost a continuation of Douglas Rd). Lehman Farms is on both sides of Wilmarth Rd. Trailer parking is on the north side of the barn/arena which is on the left.

GVRDC Combined Test