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Click here to see photos from the 2018 Trail Trials compliments of Paul Rehbok and Jannah Matzan

What is a Trail Trial?

A Trail Trial is a trail ride with 10-12 judged obstacles. This trail ride will be about 5 miles long through various terrain including fields and flats, woods, hills and water crossings.

Examples of Trail Trial Obstacles & Judging
Creek / Stream Crossing -
At water crossings the horse should walk quietly through the water or crossing. Jumping or rushing will be penalized. Pawing or attempting to roll is also penalized. A refusal is –3 points. You may attempt an obstacle 3 times but each refusal is a deduction.
A refusal is when a horse will not go forward, takes a step back, or a step to the side. A rider may allow the horse to drink but only a few sips and should then continue smoothly at the signal from the rider.

Back up -
Horses are generally asked to walk in and then back out. Riders should maintain light contact on the reins. Penalties would be given for rushing or fidgeting. Other penalties are given for the horse throwing his head up or opening its mouth to evade the bit.

Objects -
The horse should walk quietly past without snorting, blowing, sidestepping, balking or exaggerated watching of the obstacle. The horse may look at the object but then continue calmly and without nervousness.

Ditches, walkovers, gates, drags, mailboxes, etc. –
You and your horse may be asked to walk over a ditch, a small fence, drag cans or branches behind you, get mail from or put mail in a mail box, or scoop an item out of a pool with a skimmer.

It is a great opportunity to test you and your horse’s skill with a variety of items / objects you may encounter when riding on your own.

** ALL riders must wear an approved ASTM helmet to meet insurance requirements. Those under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult rider.

Please remember when participating in a Trail Trial, it is the participant’s responsibility to by-pass an obstacle they deem beyond their horse’s skill level. There is always a way to go around an obstacle. Safety and common sense should always be kept in the mind. The idea is to enjoy and be safe!!

More Information

Show Date: Sunday, September 23, 2018
Location: Booth Farm 1864 Wheatland Center Rd, Scottsville, NY 14546

Show Committee:
J R Booth
Jannah Matzan

There will be 4 divisions;
  • Green Horn - for the novice horse or rider
  • Trail Boss - for the more experienced horse and rider
  • Youth - for riders 16 and under
  • Professional - for Pros
Prizes will be awarded through sixth place in all divisions. Special awards will be presented to winners of discretionary categories such as oldest horse and rider, and other categories.

Both English and Western riders are welcome.

Food Stand will be available.

Directions to the GVRDC TRAIL TRIALS

From the East:
Take Rt 251 west from Rush and turn left (south) on River Road. This is the intersection where Rt 251 turns right to go into Scottsville and there is a stop sign at this intersection. Don’t confuse with the blinking red light at the earlier intersection with East River Road.
Turn right at the next road which is South Rd (aka Co Rd 141). At the end of South Rd, turn right onto Wheatland Center Rd. There will be signs for the Trail Trial.

From the North/West:
Take Rt 383 (Scottsville Mumbord Rd) to Union St and turn south. Note: Union Street does a jog so if you are coming from the west, you will turn at the second Union Street and it will be a right hand turn. You will go past Oatka Creek Park.
Turn right at the next intersection which is South Rd (aka Co Rd 141) and follow to the "T" with Wheatland Center Rd. Turn right and look for signs for the Trail Trial.

From the South:
Get on Rt 5 west of Avon where it splits from Rt 20. At the first intersection, turn right on West River Rd.
Follow W. River Road for aprox 4.8 miles then turn left onto South Road.  Continue to the "T" with Wheatland Center Rd. Turn right and look for signs for the Trail Trial.

From the West:
Rt 36 to Caledonia - go 3/4 around the traffic circle and head North (The Village Inn will now be on your left).
Take your 2nd right on Church Street. Church Street becomes Iroquois Road.
Take a left on Wheatland Center Road and watch for signs for the Trail Trial.

6th Annual GVRDC Trail Trial