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The Genesee Valley is a scenic area of rolling hills and farmland in western New York along the Genesee River from Rochester to Geneseo. GVRDC is the area's riding and driving club and a great source of educational opportunities for all horse lovers from the Valley, as well as, from Syracuse to Buffalo. GVRDC is part of Area I of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) and also a member of the American Driving Society (ADS).

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Our Mission:
The Mission of the GVRDC is exclusively to educate riders and drivers residing in and visiting the Genesee Valley of New York State and to promote the awareness and appreciation of riding and driving through educating the community. The goal in accomplishing this Mission is to educate our members and the public about safety around horses, the welfare of horses, the value of sportsmanship, and the beauty of riding and driving horses.

A. The education of riders and drivers will be accomplished by teaching them about the health and welfare of horses and providing opportunities to develop skills in equine sports, care, and management.
B. The promotion of and community education about, riding and driving horses will be accomplished by providing open educational opportunities through training seminars, demonstrations, and competitions. These educational programs will include, but are not limited to, proper equine care, equine and horse handler safety, equine breeding and training, developing skills in the equine sports of riding and driving for pleasure and for competition, and equine sport history, etiquette, and management. GVRDC's seminars, demonstrations, and competitions will promote the awareness and appreciation of riding and driving through exhibitions of safety, sportsmanship, and good horsemastership.

Our Activities:
In May, the GVRDC sponsors a Combined Test and in June and in late August, we host two USEA sanctioned Horse Trials. Also in September, we host a pleasure and/or combined Driving show. We also offer cross country schooling days, two Jumper Derbies, and several Dressage schooling shows throughout the summer and fall. During the year, several Clinics and Seminars are also held to provide learning opportunities to all club members.

What's Next?

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March 29
Workshop with Susan Kelley - Improving your balance and turns
April 5, 6
Sat, Sun
Gymnastic Jumping Clinic with Carol Kozlowski
April 12
Clinic with Susan Kelley - Enhance Flexibility and Mobility

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